Company profile / 公司简介


DPV is a domestic stone-like coatings manufacturer, which has introduced STUCCO into domestic coatings enterprises. The company specializes in the research and development of paint technology and the creation of painting culture. It also devotes itself to the development of high-grade paint specialization.


DPV is one of the production enterprises of textural stone-like coatings. The factories are located in the two regions of South and north. The maximum production of textural stone-like coatings can reach 50 tons per cylinder, the annual output of latex coatings can reach 50,000 tons per shift, the annual output of textural stone-like coatings can reach 100,000 tons per shift, and the daily output of textural stone-like coatings can reach 400 tons. There are service centers in the main provinces of the country to provide customers with high-quality products and intimate services.

广东德普威涂料有限公司是国内专业的仿石涂料生产企业,并将(STUCCO)引进到国内的涂料企业。公司专业致力于涂料技术研发、缔造涂饰文化,更是倾力于推动涂料行业高品位专业化发展的企业 。