Company profile / 公司简介


DPV is the earliest and most professional texture imitation stone paint production enterprises, is the first to introduce (STUCCO) to the domestic paint enterprises. Professional company engaged in coating technology research and development, to create a culture of finishing, more effort is to promote the professional development of high grade coating industry enterprises.

DPV has now become the largest texture paint, lacquer and colorful impression of stone coating production base, the factory located in South and north area. Texture of lacquer production single cylinder maximum capacity of up to 50 tons, latex paint single class annual output of 50000 tons; texture lacquer single class with an annual output of 100000 tons; texture lacquer single class output 400 tons. In the major provinces of the country with a service center, to provide customers with quality products and attentive service.

广东德普威涂料有限公司是国内最早最专业的质感涂料生产企业,是最早将(STUCCO)引进到国内的涂料企业。公司专业致力于涂料技术研发、缔造涂饰文化,更是倾力于推动涂料行业高品位专业化发展的企业 。